Friday, April 27, 2012

3 Picks to Advance 1 Slot??!!

For just a taste of my ongoing project, here is my (still in process) grade of the Vikings-Browns trade last night that sent the #4, #118, #160 and #211 picks to Minnesota in exchange for the #3 pick.

The "Value" field pulls in the log regression of the average % of salary cap value provided by those picks in excess of the first undrafted free agent. That is to say the last pick of the 7th round may provide 0.7% of the cap value in an average season of their career, but they only provide 0.003% excess value over an undrafted free agent. Only the 0.003%, in that case, matters for the trade because that is the extra value provided over what the other team can achieve for free with the next best option (e.g., a UFA).

That will have to be it for the explanation as I need to get back to writing about 6,000 more words for my project on this very topic.

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